The Fish

During my beading and jewelry making adventures, I notice certain things.  I notice the colors that people are wearing.  I notice how much accessories could make up ones outfits.  I’m also starting to notice charms and other iconic-type tokens that people are into these days.  One of them being is The Fish.

Now, I love Fish.  These beasts are not only pretty tasty, but they are just cool animals in general.  They get to live in the water, they are social, and they are all different patterns.  Perhaps doing their own fashion Fish thing.  There is another reason why I love Fish: because it’s part of my real name.

So before people give their reasons why they love the whole Fish concept, I have a pretty valid and strong reason.  My sister always had “The Fish hook” when she played basketball…her and her 6’2″ self playing center.  We always had to do everything Fish when it came to the kitchen.  Fish shaped dishes, potholders, anything Fish.

So that’s when I decided to create a “signature” type of bracelet.  Nothing too fancy or off the chain.  Just a few of my pieces has one thing that stands out.  Just a simple silver Fish.  That is my trademark.

Check out how I made The Fish work on some of my pieces:

The Fish on Gray Lavendar
The Fish on some gray-lavender like beads
The Fish on Rustic Gray
The Fish on some rustic gray beads
The Fish on Indigo
The Fish with some indigo sparkly beads

I’m sure there are lots of folks out there who have one icon, one symbol that means a lot to them. Perhaps you have several. You ever wonder why? Does this entity make you happy? Inspired? Feeling safe? That’s pretty much how I feel about The Fish. So stay tuned if you want to see more about this beast in action. Now that he’s on bracelets, The Fish really is in action.

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