Extreme Bead Shopping and Makeovers

Date: 09/01/2014
Time: 09:00 HOURS EST
Location: Dining room and kitchen

Him: “We need to go to the pet store today”
Me: “I know. Do you know where else there is a Pet Smart besides our neighborhood?”
Him: “…where?”
Me: “Crossgates Commons”

A little pause goes by…

Him: “You mean to tell me that you want to go to three different craft shops in three days??”
I just look at him wide eyed and flutter my lashes.
Him: “That’s craziness. You can’t do it – it’s never been done before.”
I’m still looking at him wide eyed.

He walks away mumbling “hooo my gaaad…”


Labor day is a pretty sad time of the year for me. It marks the end of my favorite season: summer. No more water parks. No more hanging out at the lake. People’s pools start to close. Amusement parks close down for the season. Ice cream places close down. It’s also a reminder that the season of death is going to be approaching soon. Which means that I will have to drive in crappy weather, shovel and scrape ice off my truck. What a bummer.

However, there is a sunny side to Labor Day weekend: the sales. Everyone and anyone is having a sale of some sort, and the local craft stores are no exception. My extreme beading has taken a very aggressive turn. My shipmment from BRC came in on Friday. We went to Joanne’s on Saturday night (where I saved about half of what I bought). We hit AC Moore on Sunday (again saved half). And today we will just see what Micheal’s has.

From my previous article, you can imagine that I manage to save as much money as I possibly can when I shop local. I even have my boyfriend buy stuff with the “one coupon per customer” promotions. Even with all that, they can be pretty expensive compared to what you can buy online. I currently have two favorite online stores that I will continue to shop at:

BRC Beads
Fire Mountain Gems

BRC beads actually had my shipment to me within a week, and it was free. Very impressive. Fire Mountain Gems will give you more discounts with the more you buy (naturally). However, the search features on this site are incredible and it’s worth the visit.

With all my different shopping, I craft items with beads that I have gotten from multiple sources. The agate from BRC and the glass from Joanne’s, along with those cute little spacers from Amazon. The different turquiose I got from AC Moore with some charms from that shop that I picked up when I was at Cape Cod. It’s makes it interesting, because every piece has it’s own interesting story. My peices are not just “made out for the masses”. They are all made with careful consideration and have a story on where they came from.

We also hit up home depot and bought some shelves to add to my studio. Now it looks really nice and I have lots of space. Nothing like a makeover in your creative area.

My Crafting Studio

Happy Beading! ::C

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