Labor Day Blues

I’m not going to lie.  I never cared much for Labor Day.  And it’s silly – it’s supposed to be a holiday to honor folks like me – people that work.  How nice that people who work hard everyday have a holiday to honor all that we do.
Summer is by far my favorite season of the year.  It is everything water in the Northeast.  Everything that is associated with water in our area is closed after Labor Day.  It stinks.  It’s a marking that fall is right around the corner.  Which means that the season of death is very soon to follow.  Labor day has always marked the end of summer (or the start of school) for me, so I always found myself down this day.  Today was no exception.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been attempting to come up with ideas of things to do during these coming cold weeks, before old man winter hits us in full effect.  So this is what I have come up with:

  • There is a Ren Fest down in the city area that last until the end of September.  I intend to venture down there either the weekend of the 20th or the 27th.  Holler.
  • For unspoken reasons, I have been drawn immediately to Little Falls, NY.  My sweet guy and I are taking a day trip next week to go hit a local gem and jeweler.  After that we have reservations at Beardslee Castle.
  • Apple picking in Greene County.  While we are swinging through the many orchards down there, I intend to check in on my friend Titan the Tiger at my old stomping ground – Bailiwick Ranch and Zoo.
  • There are plenty of beautiful places around to take a hike while the leaves turn.  I always seem to miss it every year.
  • I have special plans in the beginning of December to hit up an Indoor Water Park.  I have not been to one this year (which is one of the reasons why I am so crabby today), but I will make up for it in a few months.  I want to go to the Log Jam for dinner afterwards.  Yes, this day is about ME.
  • The furry guy celebrates his 35th birthday this autumn ❤
  • A few odds and ends, such as working with a fellow craftsman/artist on a project…or checking out some consignment shops to unload some of my gear after all of my weight loss!  Hopefully I will keep it off this winter.

Now, this should give me so much to do that I will not have anytime to breathe, let alone get a drive-by wax at Fantastic Sam’s.  However, I always find time to make things from SCRATCH.  Sundays are my “planning” days as far as food preparation is concerned.  I love making a homemade apple sauce (if he will help me peel apples).  I make amazing soups that will warm your soul and keep you healthy the entire cold season!  And the crock pot?  Thanks to my baby sister hooking me up with a new high tech digital device for my birthday this year…it’s going to be on in my kitchen this cold season.

Stay tuned for some of my fall recipes from SCRATCH!  A recent visit to the Outer Banks have pointed me in certain fall vegetables that I would never consider.  And HAY!  I’ll try anything once 🙂

Holler at me and let me know what you plan on doing Fall 2015!  ::C